Memories made...

Over the years, there have been some wonderful memories made here. Whether amusing or special, romantic or cringeworthy, or simply of good times with good people, all memories are cherished. We'd love for you to add yours to our collection. As Dr Suess says 'Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.' 

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To add your memory to our memory board, please send it via the contact form. Feel free to include any pictures you'd like to share.


My twin sister and I visited Gellie every summer for a few years and we have such wonderful memories of our visits there. My favourite and most memorable experience happened after the sun went down each evening. We would sit underneath the stars, enjoying the glowing and toasty flames of the campfire. We would stay there until the early hours of the next morning, sharing stories, singing songs and sometimes just sipping hot chocolate, toasting marshmallows and listening to the crackle of the burning wood and watching the embers float up to the sky. 

- Ellice Miles